Service is of utmost importance to our firm.  We realize that time is important to our clients and us.  We maintain a friendly and professional atmosphere and strive to fulfill our clients needs.


Auditing governmental entities is a very specialized area of accounting. Our firm has made the commitment of time, research, resources and training in this area.  Our experience over the years makes us uniquely and highly qualified to provide these services to these organizations.

New York State requires all professionals to receive at least forty hours of continuing professional education (CPE) per year.  Staff members also involved in governmental audits are also required by the Single Audit Act to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Comptroller General (GAO).

The Firm maintains memberships in the AICPA and the NYSSCPA.  As a member of the AICPA's Division of Firms, the Firm undergoes a mandatory peer review of the accounting and auditing practice every three years.  This review is conducted in accordance with standards issued by the AICPA.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • External and internal audit services
  • Single audit and compliance audit services
  • Accounting, bookkeeping
  • Reporting assistance
    • Governmental, Local, State and Federal Levels
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Reconciliation
    • General ledgers
    • Tax collection
    • Payroll
    • Journal entries
    • Year-end
  • Internal control evaluations
  • Budget planning and management
  • Fund balance planning and management
  • Cash management
  • Evaluation and calculation of incurred but not reported liabilities
  • Consulting services
  • Preparation of School District financial statements
  • Preparation of School District Management Discussion & Analysis


A major portion of our practice is devoted to providing services for governmental entities, in particular, auditing school districts.  All staff members spend a considerable amount of time servicing our school districts.  Our staff members have acquired the knowledge, skills and experience needed to service our school district clients effectively and efficiently.


We have been engaged to provide various management consulting services for school districts.  Our consulting services include reviews of payroll, purchasing and disbursement functions, capital project expenditures, school lunch program, cash management systems, fixed asset accounting systems, internal control procedures, and data processing systems.  We have also performed efficiency studies of the business office and helped develop policies and procedures manuals.  We also serve as the internal auditor for nine school districts as well as management advisors, including "hands-on" accounting functions, for two school districts.

We continue to provide our clients with up-to-date information regarding the many changes promulgated by the state and federal governments as well as the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.


Our firm provides internal audit services which are designed to provide governmental entities, in particular, school districts, with an independent assessment of their internal controls and processes currently in place.  Working in conjunction with our highly experienced professional staff, governmental entities, will see results in improved operational efficiency, the achievement of goals and improved safeguarding of assets.  Our firm will take the time to understand your entity and will use the internal audit process that is best suited for your needs.


Some of the services we offer include:

  • General Ledger preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
    • Quickbooks
    • Peachtree
    • Finance Manager
    • WinCap
    • Info-Matic
  • Payroll services
    • Computerized payroll processing
    • Payroll tax
    • 1099 reporting
    • Employee benefits
    • Workers' compensation
    • Year-end reconciliation/W-2's
  • Sales tax services
    • Computerized sales tax processing
    • Quarterly and Annually filings
    • On-line filing
  • Tax return preparation
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Cash flow and budgeting analysis


Our firm provides services for businesses, which include accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax services; business formations and business projections.  We provide financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner as well as maintaining well-organized financial records ensuring that your business operations will run more efficiently.


Our firm provides various management consulting services for our clients.  Our consulting services include reviews of the payroll function, purchasing and disbursement functions, cash management, fixed asset accounting, internal control procedures and data processing systems.  We also perform efficiency studies of accounting departments and help develop policies and procedures manuals.  We can help businesses identify areas negatively affecting profit and growth and assist in developing solutions that are practical and sound.


Our firm prepares all types of tax returns including:

  • Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships
Our firm is always current on the new tax laws and proposed legislation.  This allows us to effectively plan for current and future liabilities.  We are also experienced in representing a client through an audit with the IRS, State or Local government.
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